Why pqrs.guru
  • Participate in Hackathons organised by Mentors, work together with mentors concept ideas and gain real-time experience.

  • Get personalised career advice from Industry Experts across the globe.

  • Get access to training's, materials, 1:1 coaching sessions and other career services offered by Mentors.

  • Connect, collaborate and learn together with like minded people

About pqrs.guru

This web application serves as a knowledge-sharing hub and as a network to get personalized guidance/help from the registered mentors within their respective field of study. Mentors here try to help students seeking advice on University selection & application process, scholarship searches, preferred textbooks for courses, internship matching, and specific technical/functional questions regarding their assignments or thesis work etc. Our Mentors are senior professionals from industry as well as academia working at different places across the globe; and they share information on thesis, internship & job opportunities they come across during their work. You could also get help with reviewing CV, preparing for an interview & salary negotiation etc. It is also possible to get in touch with Mentors directly through the 'Members Chat' service.  

Currently students or young professionals of Indian origin have the possibility to register as Mentee. Click here to create an account.

To be listed as a Mentor you create an account and additionally you should fulfil certain criteria as mentioned in the Mentor Registration Form, fill it and send it to pqrs.guru@gmail.com.

Participants in the Mentor Mentee Network shall read and abide by the provisions outlined in the Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. 



1. How does the pqrs.guru  work?

pqrs.guru is a platform for our members to help facilitate them finding people with similar interests who wish to connect and learn from each other.  Currently it does not provide a matchmaking service, but we hope that it gives a better framework to allow our members to make one on one connections with each other more easily.

We are currently building an AI engine to provide automated matchmaking between Mentors & Mentees.


2. Who can be a member of pqrs.guru?

Anyone of Indian origin above 18 years of age can become a Mentee or Mentor.


3. How do I sign up as a Mentor or Mentee?

If you are interested in becoming a Mentee, please start by creating your profile in pqrs.guru.  Please make sure that you indicate which disciplines you are interested in as part of your profile.

To be listed as Mentor, please start by creating your profile in pqrs.guru. Additionally, you should fulfil certain criteria as mentioned in the Mentor Registration Form, fill it and send it to pqrs.guru@gmail.com.


4. How do I find other Mentors and Mentees?

Once your profile is updated, navigate to members page.  You will see a list of people in the network. Feel free to reach out to anyone who shares your interests or that you think you would like to connect with.

We are currently building an AI engine to provide automated match making between Mentors & Mentees.


5. I’m interested in becoming a Mentor, but I’m not sure what is expected of me?

How the relationship between a Mentor and Mentee develops is as different as the people involved.  As members of pqrs.guru, it is expected that both the Mentor and Mentee will behave according to the Code of Conduct, other than that we invite you to set your own boundaries and expectations with each other.


6. Will I be compensated for my time as a Mentor?

   Currently mentoring is done voluntarily and free of charge. It is about giving back. Also, the relationship is a two-way street and should be beneficial for both parties. We believe in the motto 'to teach is to learn'.

   Through coaching Mentees and helping them in their development, you get chance to develop your leadership skills.

   Mentors could organise hackathons and get solutions for their concepts, thus creating a win-win situation to mentors and mentees.

   Mentors could use this platform to post trainings, materials, 1:1 sessions and other career oriented services offered by them. 

   In future we have plans to reward Mentors who are adding value, the rewards could be digital certificates, badges of recognition, tokens and many more.

7. What are the best practices to be a Mentor? 

More resources to help give you some ideas on best practices will be added soon.

8. What is unique about pqrs.guru and why to invest time yet again in this? 

An ingenious platform just for career development 

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